Never Enough Time

Don’t say you don’t have enough time…. look for it. You find time in the cracks, between the big stuff” ~ Austin Kleon

I’m currently in between realising that I have children who take a lot of my time and understanding that they are also not an excuse to not do anything at all with myself. Ever since I had the girls, I have been more inspired than ever before. The problem is, finding the time to do the work and actualise all the things flying around in my head to become reality. For a long time, I would say I didn’t have the time for anything because hello? In case you didn’t know, I’m raising two humans who need my time and energy 24/7. As each day would pass, I would go to bed knowing that I had so much to give and so much within me that I felt was being wasted, but I would always say to myself “I don’t have time for it”. My friends would ask “Gloria why haven’t you started that thing?” or “How come you’re not doing that anymore?” or “You know you would be so good at that”. My response would always be, the girls take up a lot of my time and I don’t have enough time to do it.  A lot of the time it was true, the girls do take up a lot of my time and energy, but I have to admit, deep down I knew I wasn’t even trying to find the time to do these things. 

The truth is, if you’re passionate about whatever you feel you should be doing or would love to do (starting a business or a blog, taking your health a little more serious, having more time for you), you have to be willing to find the time to take a few steps towards it. Even if it’s as short as 30 minutes, that is still a step in the right direction. It’s still something right?

We have to be kind to ourselves as mums, we are raising these little humans who basically look to us for almost everything and it is not always easy. We need to be present for our kids and show up for them, but we also have to show up for our dreams and passion and vision. Focusing on something other than our children can actually be really healthy for us to do as mums. Getting involved in things that we love comes with so many benefits- we feel ourselves again (doing something that is not attached to a title), we remember who we are and what we are about and we bring a better version of ourselves back to our families. It allows us to be our best selves. Our best for our children.

At some point I had to be honest with myself and recognise that I was not making enough effort to create time to focus on the things I wanted to do, some things as simple as looking after myself more. When I sat down to evaluate my daily routine with the kids, I found that there were opportunities through out the day for me to do little things that lead me towards my personal goals. For me, it required things such as waking up a little earlier to get some things done before the girls wake up and ensuring the girls were sleeping at a good enough time so that I could get a little more done before going to bed. Or maybe I would do nothing when they go to bed, because lets face it, when you’re with your kids all day, sometimes you don’t have the energy to do anything (even thinking hurts). We can’t come and kill ourselves lol! Looking for the little breaks of time in our daily routine is great because we can tailor it to what works best for us and our kids, and it doesn’t have to last for long.

As a mum, I know it is easier said than done. It took me a whole year and 9 months to get my blog back up and running. I mean, the kids take a nap and you’re thinking.. Do I clean? Nap? Have a shower? Eat? Read a book? Cook? Catch up on a show? Trust me I get it. I’m just saying, try and do a little something for you, for your vision, for your goals. Don’t lose sight of who you are called to be besides being someone’s mum and someone’s wife. Every little thing we do in these mini moments will add up to something great. So that little thing that’s coming to mind as you’re reading this. That thing you know you’re called for, the thing you’re passionate about, that thing you’ve always wanted to do or simply that thing you know you need right now – a spa day, your nails done, your hair done. Make time and do it … for you.




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