Leaving Never Ending To-Do-Lists In 2019

“The most valuable gift you can give yourself is time, time to be more fully present” – Oprah

*gifted by Fantastic Services 

It’s been a while since I’ve sat to write and I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t leave it this long again. You know, new year new me lol. I ended 2019 feeling depleted, exhausted and to put it quite simply just TIRED. I spread myself so thin last year and didn’t do enough of the things that I love and the things that keep me feeling alive and inspired. If you’re the woman that ALWAYS has something ‘important’ to do and not enough time for anything else, this is for you.

I found that my time was always taken up doing one thing or another. If it wasn’t getting the house in order, it was doing the girl’s hair, cooking, food shopping, laundry, the list is endless. I also realised that I really didn’t know how to rest, sounds crazy but honestly sitting on the sofa doing nothing felt so wrong! It was like I constantly needed to be doing something to make ‘good use of my time’ and get through everything. The thing is, when you’re always on the go, you crash at some point.

I started to feel tired all the time, I had no energy, I felt uninspired and quite lazy and it eventually started to show in my appearance. By the time I took a moment at the end of the year to figure out how I felt, I realised it all came down to one thing. I didn’t feel like myself anymore.

A major problem I think we have as women besides saying no, is that we feel we have to do certain things ourselves to have them done to our satisfaction. Although I believe this is true, I feel we would run ourselves to the ground with this mindset, trying to do EVERYTHING our way. Asking for help, outsourcing and delegating is another thing that I have promised to do this year to keep me sane and happy.

So, I started off the year with help from Fantastic Services, they came over and got my house all the way together. After all the cooking I did over Christmas and New Year, my kitchen was in a state, it felt so good to have it looking brand new again without having to do one bit of it. There’s nothing better than having a thorough clean of your home to start the year. The twins are always finding ways to “rearrange” the house, so cleaning is always on my list of things to do, I love being able to have Fantastic Services over to cross that off of my list without having to lift a finger! I’ve been using them for coming up to 3 years now and I absolutely love their service. In light of taking freeing up my time to another level this year, I can already tell they’ll be making frequent visits to my home.

If you’re feeling like me this year and you’re not allowing your 2020 to be filled with never ending to-do-lists, why not try a clean with Fantastic Services and cross cleaning off of your list without lifting a finger! Get £10 off your first clean with my discount code GLORIASADE , thank me later! xx


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