I’ve learnt that one of the hardest things for us to do as women, is to show up for ourselves. We would rather show up for friends, jobs and our family before ourselves. When you then add being a mum and a wife, it’s a whole different ball game. We have a long list of things to get done and we are usually at the bottom of that list (if we’re even on it at all). We barely get through the list and as a result we never seem to get to ourselves.

There are so many expectations of everything we should be nowadays; we should be independent but still have someone to share life with, find purpose, have babies but snap back in no time, be the wife that has her house in order, but also be that career woman killing it at work, read a book a month,  be woke, make sure our kids are woke, be hands on with our kids, make sure they have a balanced diet, breast feed exclusively but keep it sexy for our men, make dinner every night from scratch, have multiple businesses but have time to bake with our children, have a prayer life, work out, use deodorant but remember to use an all natural one, meditate, have our kids speaking like three different languages, buy a house, drink green juices, remember to meet up with our girlfriends, don’t forget date nights with bae, eat kale and we better not forget to slay while we’re at it (I’m sure I missed some stuff out). It’s crazy! What’s even crazier is that for the most part we are actually able to handle many of these things without crumbling. We may be on the verge of crumbling, with a tear ready to almost drop out of our eyes (just me?), but we hardly ever crumble and we manage to keep things going.

Having twin girls and recently getting married, I’ve learnt that I have to be intentional about showing up for MYSELF. I’m slowly understanding what it means to flow with the times and seasons of my life, prioritising what’s important in these seasons and solely focusing on that. It’s really helping me manage all these different things in new ways. This blog will document my experiences and learns on this journey of womanhood, motherhood and my newly married life. I’ll be sharing my big and small wins and losses of how I juggle (or not) everything. I hope this blog will inspire you to  create your own expectations for yourself and most importantly show up for YOU.

This is the musings of a WOMAN. MUM. WIFE.

Gloria Sade